Mobile App UI Design Trends 2015

The design has become a fluctuating field in both the industries. Year after year, the mob design is evolving with the prospering mobile technology. In fact, you can frequently read awesome design approaches.

Here we provide of mobile app UI designs in Chandigarh that are expected to be in 2015. Let’s introduced them.


Larger Diffused / Blurry Background Images

Making the design more appealing on small-screen devices, integrating Blurry images will make the visual content that are easily readable and more effective. And, due to real estate, it becomes the call to action (CTA) buttons are easily accessible. Because CTA buttons will be responsible for generating greater conversions.

Offer Customization

Users prefer products that can be suit their needs. Thus, allowing them to personalize the applications theme as per their taste would be a viable effort.

Pervasive mobile presence

The desire to target the mobile audience base will augment the responsive design approach. It can also lead to the emergence of a more efficient, fluid and effective workflow that facilitates reach to mobile devices.

Subtle color scheme

Simple and minimalist design is in integrating a subtle color palette while designing the mobile app will help generate a remarkable application.

However, your brand colors do matter, but by blending gently with soothing colors can add a tinge of elegance and professionalism to your application.

Seamless transition between the mobile devices

With the increasing number of devices, the pervasive existence over the mobile has become essential for the most of the businesses. Thus, designers are looking for a more that can ensure a flexible transition from a device to another while ensuring a consistent performance.


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